Mr. Béla Horváth

Senior instructor and branch manager at State Insurance Company (1983), Sales Director of Hungária Insurance Company (1986), founder of Gloria Insurance Company, Deputy Chairman and CEO of Nationale-Nederlanden Insurance Company (1991), founder, Chairman and CEO of AVIVA Life Insurance Company (1996), at present Chairman of the CIG Group.

As a businessman Mr. Horvath dedicated himself and his companies to practice corporate social responsibility. His advisors  Andras Kenessi and Gabor Belak art historians and Attila Szucs artist introduced him to the visual art scene in Hungary. He established his private collection at early 2000s. A selection from the collection was exhibited at Mucsarnok, Budapest in 2008, when ten private collections were on view for the public at the first time in Hungary. As supporter he financed significant art projects as Body of Nefertiti by Little Warsaw duo exhibited at Venice Biennial in 2003, and the Lada Project operated in Berlin by Hajnal Nemeth. In 2004 he established the Horvath Art Foundation. By 2012 Mr. Horvath became one of the most remarkable contemporary art collector in Hungary. Mr. Horvath and the Horvath Art Foundation is committed to supporting the production of contemporary art and is actively engaged in commissioning new productions. The Hungarian artist Istvan Csakany’s work at dOCUMENTA(13) was significantly supported by the Horvath Art Foundation in 2012.