The Collection Of The Horvath Art Foundation

Art collections preserve and research artworks, therefore save them for the cultural heritage. By seleting from the wide spectrum of contemporary art productions the collections exercise an influence on the position of artists and artworks of certain art scenes, as well as on the prices of artworks at art market. By 2012 the Collection of The Horvath Art Foundation became one of the most significant contemporary art collections in Hungary. As an active player in the field of contemporary art the collection of the foundation intends to collaborate with museums and curators. While position and social acceptance of contemporary visual arts since 1989 has been permamently declining, The  Horvath Art Foundation does represent a role model to high society in terms of supporting the arts and culture.
The mission of the Collection Of The Horvath Art Foundation is to select, acquire, preserve and research significant contemporary artworks in order to save them for the cultural heritage and for further scientific research. The collection contains traditional forms of art as painting, graphic work, sculpture as well as mulit-media and installation works.

Artists And Artworks Of The Collection Of The Horvath Art Foundation